Making adjustments to footage in Adobe Professional Pro.

Once I had added all the re-shot footage to the timeline and I was satisfied it was flowed well, I went over every frame and tweaked the hue/saturation, output & levels.

Here is a screen shot of adjusting the levels/output:

Screen shot 8

and the hue/saturation:

Screen shot 9

The Adobe link I used to teach me how to do these things:

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First of all I went through the entire video in Professional Pro and deleted everything that wasn’t up to standard or wasn’t necessary. Once I had done that, I could then see what I needed to fill in the gaps.

I wrote out exactly want I wanted so when I went to re-shoot I could do it efficiently.

IMG_3336 IMG_3337 IMG_3338

I asked one of my friends to drive us around in my car while I re-shoot the car scenes. I also got my daughter Eliana to practice her acting skills and pretend she was asleep.

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Title Brain Storming.

I needed a title for my video, here is a list of possibilities I had thought of evolving to the chosen title – A Dream by My Children.

  • Unconscious Dimensions
  • Dreaming
  • Childhood Memory
  • Childhood Memories
  • Dreaming of Childhood
  • Dreaming of the Day
  • Dreaming Today
  • Dreaming Children’s Day
  • Daily Childrens Dreams
  • A Dream by My Daughter – A Dream by My Children!
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My thoughts

After the tutorial with Will on Monday 20th of October and the following days 3rd and final Studio Critique. I have come to some decisions:

  • I will drop all the DIY scenes. – Yes they are neat, add texture, are arty and creative –  but this is a high quality piece that will be used for marketing I want it to be showing that I can create quality video.
  • I will cut out anything that I don’t think is high quality and could stand alone as a still image on its own. I want each and every frame to be a beautiful composition in its own right.
  • I will change the font, size and duration of the credits.
  • Will remove any torso’s of the children in the bath.
  • I will have only the Park, Beach, Car, Bath and Bedroom as scenes drop everything else.
  • A diary will be used to be a metaphor for storing experiences and locking them away – a key. The file will be removed.
  • I will keep the intro and put in a sort car scene from each of the locations (park and beach to home) this will give a good narrative. Yes I do agree dreams are fragmented but I’m going to keep this video mainstream and very easy to follow (marketing purposes  again)
  • I will be re filming, car, bath, bed scenes without DIY filters – to keep every frame uniform.
  • I will add tweaks after playing with Curves, Hue and Saturation to combine it all in line, looking similar.

At the end of the day, the most important thing about this video is that it will showcase me as a high quality producer of creative and beautiful video.  I believe all these changes will enable this.

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Studio Critique #3

Here is a link to the work I showed for my Critique #3:

I showed this work in room G303 using the over head projector and computer.

Here is the feedback I received:

IMG_3339 IMG_3340

  • Perhaps signify that it is a dream at the beginning.
  • Some said they didn’t know they were dreaming others said it was very obvious.
  • Reminded people of ‘The Secret Garden’
  • Suggestion – have a child moving in bed into a different scene.

I after showing the group my video so far I talked to them about the changes I intended to make. The majority of them did not agree with the changes I proposed which were disguised in my Oct 20th Tutorial with Will. They felt that the DIY scenes were great and nostalgic, they added texture and character and the scenes of the children spitting/eating rice bubbles with mess on table describes ‘Life’ in life’s terms. To remove them would be untrue to the essence of children.  That this is an art piece.

I also sat down with another tutor (Jose) to get some feedback from her before I start my re-edit.

Jose felt that the clip was:

  • A highlight of a day 18-48hrs
  • She didn’t know how they got from the beach to the park as there was no car shot in-between, she felt confused.
  • The evening filing was too light it didn’t feel like night time or the end of the day.
  • The end felt like she was left hanging with no conclusion as the face lying asleep had lines in it which to her indicated morning – having slept all night, not going to bed.
  • She loved the intro – the first 10 secs was awesome.
  • Sensory shots the most important.
  • Don’t organise it.
  • Bath scene too long, more close up and sensory shots – create the compositions so the viewer really feels like they are experiencing it.
  • Think about your transitions – eg: follow a leaf from one scene into another.  Need the info for the transitions.
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Tutorial 20th October

Here is a link to my video so far:

Today I met with Will, to show him the changes I had made with the new shots using DIY filters and the addition of credits.

We watched the video together and went over it in great detail. Suggestions that were disguised were:

  • Remove the DIY filter footage and re-shoot – what the problem is, is that the footage made using the DIY filters is very different than without. The footage without is sharp and crisp, where-as the DIY footage is more blurry, grainy and of a lesser quality. Now this could be seen as textured and a nice variety throughout, but as this is a showcase of my work it is best to keep the entire piece matching and uniform with high quality footage.  Learning the DIY techniques was certainly not a waste of time as I have learn so much along the way which I can use in the future.
  • Drop the Scene of Archie against a tree and standing at 0:46. – Its is actually not in focus anywhere.
  • Drop the amount of locations down to say, 4 of equal lengths, each being 1/4 of the entire film, lengthen the scenes focus on the quality parts.
  • Instead of running behind a car – how about running through the flowers at the park to match the pink scenes.
  • 1:01 -Bleach it out using curves, raise highlights, match the saturation, lengthen it do the same at 1:04.
  • The drawing scene can be dramatically cut, there only needs to be an implication of drawing, and slow it down to normal speed.
  • Cut the rice bubble bowl.
  • One key colour – Pink. ref to M.Night Shyamalan – In this link it explains M.Night Shyamalan’s trade marks in film with this piece of the article relating to me – Retrieved 4/11/14 from above link. colour sym
  • Remove parts of the imagery which is more unsavory eg: Spitting out water in bath scene, and tooth paste hanging from mouth. The reason being that although it is a real and accurate portrayal of children – it isn’t beautiful (of-course the beauty of it is debatable) like the rest of the scenes. This piece of moving imagery will ultimately be used for marketing – it needs to be perfect and aimed more at the type of clientele I would want to employ me.
  • Rather than use the file at the end of the clip which is a bit tacky and modern, how about trying a envelope,  abd burying it.
  • Remove the parts of the bath scene which show naked torsos – re-shoot with just implications of them in the bath, hands with bubbles, heads etc… (for obvious reasons)
  • The final credits come in too fast lengthen the time that the screen is white before ‘Eliana & Archie Taylor’ comes in.
  • Try Lucida Grande and Raleway Regular fonts – cleaner and sharper.
  • Make the font in entire credits smaller.
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The Process of working in Adobe Premiere Pro

I have chosen to learn my way around Adobe Professional Pro to create my moving imagery.

pic_disp.php (400×420)Image retrieved 4/11/14 from:

I wanted to use Premiere Pro as I have home access to it, it is a well used software with lots of helpful tutorials. So far I have found it fairly straightforward to use.

Once I had my footage I went through each individual clip and cut out the parts that I wanted.

Screen shot 1 I used the razor blade tool to cut with. This link also shows how to unlink video and audio layers so you can cut using the razor, only certain layers.

Screen shot 2 I was able to move my clips around the timeline without overlapping and cutting out parts of other clips. This was great to play around with the sequence. I followed these helpful links to learn how: and

Once I had a rough idea of the sequence I imported my Audio ‘Suburban Secrets’ – Indi

I then listened to the crescendos in the music and matched them with parts of strong interest in the imagery that matched. This took a while to work out, as once I had moved the clips they put other things in the sequence out of balance. I had to carefully work each clip so its length followed and tied in.

There are some parts of the video I have reversed and slowed or sped up,

screen shot 3

I have only added a very small amount of special effects as I have a general belief in life that less is more.  

Here is the link I used to learn how to adjust speed and duration along with reversing playback:


I decided to use plain simple black font on a white background. The font I choose was ‘Letter Gothic’ – Standard

A Dream by My Children L I created these images in Photo Shop as large Jpeg’s so the quality was smooth. I then imported then into Premiere Pro and placed them on the time line in the order I wanted them to appear. I needed to place a plain white back ground underneath them so that when I created the transitions there would not be any areas of black.

screen shot 5

I needed to scale the jpegs with text to the size I wanted them to appear on the screen. I clicked on ‘motion – under video effect from the ‘Effect Controls’ tab. I then just grabbed the box and moved it as you would in Photoshop.

Screen shot 7

Here is the link I used which taught me how to crop footage:

Only during the entry, exit and credits do I use transitions, the rest of the clip I just left as is – fast crisp and clean frame changes.
The transition I used  was a cross dissolve for all.

Screen shot 6 Here is the link I used to learn how to apply my transitions:

I choose to have simple fade in and out credits rather than rolling ones. Rolling ones are more for films or TV shows, A Dream by My Children is neither of them. It is an artistic piece of moving imagery.

A few things I have learnt which are very important, are to… #1.. Save, Save, Save! always save your work as I lost all mine and had to make the entire clip up again from the beginning after my 3rd Critique – It wasted hours and hours of time. #2 to render your work before you export it. This improves the quality a great deal.

How to render:

I also found through trail and error that you can simply hit ‘enter’ and your video will automatically start rendering.

Here is a link I used to learn how to properly export my video at its highest quality. I must say it is very good, the quality of my video was amazing compared to using the standard ‘U Tube’ or ‘TV’ settings. This way my video works well on the USB in my TV and the TV I will be using for exhibition. The quality is excellent.

The format I use is H.264, the preset I use is HD.264 with a frame rate of 29.97 I also tick the ‘render at maximum depth’ box and tick the ‘use maximum render quality’ box

Screen shot 4 It takes about 12 mins to export.

Here is the link I followed:

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