Some more music video clip research finding influence..

I’m researching more techniques for my video production.. looking at other examples with different compositions and editing styles.

Music group ‘Radiohead’ have some very creative music video clips. I have found some examples here with elements  in them that would be interesting to try and experiment with.

‘There There’ – Radiohead

I really like the way in which the man is walking in this clip, its distorted and very dream like… it would be interesting to know how this edit was created.  Something I could try in my video.

‘Karma Police’ – Radiohead

I really like the frame shot from over the car bonnet. It reminds me of the video clip for Eb & Sparrows ‘Quietly We Tread’ I am going to try a bit of filming taken of the kids in the car. I will get someone to drive for me and take shots from all angles around and in the car.

‘A Wolf at the Door’ – Radiohead

Radiohead - A Wolf at the Door

The lines in the beginning of this clip are very old school style and nostalgic they would suit my dream-like theme. I would like to have a play with this technique and see how its done.

“Street Spirit’ – Radiohead

I really like the smooth time frame rate edits in this clip. This is some editing I will be doing in my clip. The way it has been done in this clip is so slow and smooth.

‘The Scientist’ Coldplay

The Scientist - Coldplay

I love this clip – it has been all done in reverse. This scene here is much like the one I am creating with Archie and the leaves in reverse. Its so effective – the narrative of this clip is also very strong.

‘Summer time sadness’ – Lana Del Ray

Summer time sadness - hand

Hand close up – I like these.

Summer time sadness - light

Notice the real use of over exposure in the above frame. Summer time sadness blur

Subjects often out of focus and dream-like.

Summer time sadness Lana Del Ray

Very hazey and dreamy.

Summer time sadness shadow

Interesting shadow play.

You can see in this video clip for Lana Del Ray’s song, ‘Summer time sadness’ the way that the subjects in the frames are often out of focus. There is a great play with shadows in the last frame example I have shown. This is something  I could try. I also like the close crops of the hands in this clip, I use a lot of hand close ups in my work.

This clip also has the vintage retro edit over it – I think this one is a bit extreme for what I want to do, but I would like something subtle.


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Hi there, Im a 33 year old mum of two, a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I am studying for the BA in Arts & Media part time, I have just finished L6 Studio this semester 2, 2014. My passion is photography, here is a link to my facebook photography page for those of you that are interested
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3 Responses to Some more music video clip research finding influence..

  1. raggedpoet says:

    Hi Jess Just wondered if you got your feedback yet or is it tomorrow we get it? I know all tutors do it differently.

    Love your presentation the other day by the way!

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  2. raggedpoet says:

    I got mine…! Will sent it Friday but it didn’t get through… ! Good luck with you videp lans… I read your blog but couldn’t sign in to comment… WP seems to give me a different login for every blog I follow!

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  3. So sorry about the slow reply, Ive been flat out working and now kids on school holidays its madness!. Yes I got my feedback Thursday I’m glad you have yours. Enjoy your break and see you again soon back in class. 🙂

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