I would like to create my piece slightly metaphoric. 

What is a metaphor? 

As a particular type of expression in speech or writing, such as Shakespeare’s “And Juliet is the sun”, a metaphor invites the listener or reader to conceive of some particular thing — e.g., a person, Juliet — as sharing certain properties or features with whatever the metaphorical linguistic expression specifies, or references, or predicates — e.g., the sun — a particular reference that otherwise might lead the listener/reader to literally, and falsely, interpret the meaning of the linguistic expression. Certainly, Juliet is not the sun. Shakespeare’s metaphor, “And Juliet is the sun”, invites the listener to conceive Juliet not literally as the sun but as possessing some properties of the sun, sharing some of the sun’s notable properties (gloom-dispelling, warmth-giving, nourishing). 

Retrieved from The Citizens Compendium 5/9/14

This particular metaphor speaks to me in relation to this project:

Life is a mere dream

– a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day,Life goes by fast and a lot of it is forgotten or either lost and most of what you remember in life is just a dream instead of reality.

Retrieved from 5/9/14

 Interestingly the childrens rhyme “Row your boat” ends with Life is but a dream”

Row, row, row your boat,

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

Life is but a dream.

 There is a good blog piece written here by Daphne Shadows on the metaphoric meaning of the rhyme. 

In this last verse of the poem by Lewis Caroll, he writes:

Ever drifting down the stream Lingering in the golden gleam Life, what is it but a dream?


This verse will be a statement of my work, my work will be a drifting piece of gleaming hazing dream like ambient footage. It will feature children, and perhaps animals although Im not sure yet, it might just focus on childrens bodys in nature.

Hands as a metaphor:

When things get out of control, we say they are out of hand. When we want to take control, we try to get a grip, or get a handle on things. When we are missing a view of fundamental reality, we say we are out of touch. When we are likely to say something, truthful, but possibly embarrassing, our mothers tell us to sit on our hands. This last one describes the interesting relationship between the hands and speech. 

The hands have literally shaped every facet of earthly reality. And our entire intellectual framework is derived from having hands.

Retrieved from Wisdom of the Hands 5/9/14 

Touch as a metaphor:

There are two meanings for the word feeling – the feeling by touch and the feelings we feel as emotions. These two are closely related so a lot of metaphors for touch relate to emotional feelings. 

Grasping – We can physically grasp things but we can also grasp at ideas and concepts, holding and grasping is an important part of bonding. 

Connection – Other forms of forms of touch can indicate a form of physical and personal deep connection.

When we touch, we experience pressure. Light pressure lets us sense that we have touched something. Pressure that is too great and too sudden becomes uncomfortable.

Researched and sourced from changing minds 5/9/14

Feet as a metaphor:

There are so many foot metaphors here are some that speak to me- 

Head to toe

Under foot

Get cold feet

Off on the right foot

Put one foot in front of the other

A step in the wrong direction

Stand on your own two feet

Get back on your feet

step back in time

one step at a time

To dig one’s heels in


I found this interesting academic piece of literature on body metaphors here

In it it gives metaphors for the face, eyes, mouth, lips, neck and more. This relates to my project as I will be focusing on a lot of tight crops of the children’s body parts. It is interesting to know what the connotations and metaphors are for these body parts. 

Hair – beauty

Face – as the human face is the most uncovered, the first sight for impression of the humanity

Eyes – Windows to the soul, emotions, sight, morality, red and weak looking eyes may show jealousy, fatigue or tiredness.

Ears – Listening, growth. 

Nose – knowledge, (nosy parkers) 

Mouth – power, victory, to nag, 

Lips – bounding etiquette of humanity, sensual, lust

Neck – Impossibilities are  expressed in neck metaphors,

Feet – Fear, length, movement, luck, corruption, desperateness, helpfulness, tactics, grounding. 

In my piece of video I will be filming tight crops of my childrens body parts their mouths eating, feet on ground amongst leaves dirt, nature. Each body part as associations all to life and the dream like qualities and metaphors it possesses.  





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