Sunday Story time

Today I sat down and worked out the narrative of the video. 

As I said in the earlier post it will be based on the theme that came to me one night “Wake up, your too busy” something that haunts me in my daily life. 

The man, women and girl will be family – father, mother and daughter. 

“Wake up, your too busy”

#1 – Father, Mother & daughter sitting around a dinner table (perhaps having family dinner) Father and Mother are on iphones, ignoring their daughter. Daughter looks sad. 

#2 – Close up of daughters sad eyes at dinner table. 

#3 – Move to dream scene of daughter in an abandoned factory sitting on the concrete writing. There is a baby goat beside her. (The goat stands for independence) 

#4 – Close up of daughter writing the words “Wake up, your too busy” on paper in the factory. 

#5 – Close up of father’s eyes

#6 – Moving into fathers dream scene he is sitting at an office in the sea. There are papers with the daughters words floating off the table and into the water. 

#7 – Shot of fathers feet in the water with the paper and writing floating beside them. 

#8 – Close up of mother’s eyes

#9 – Move to mothers dream scene – she is making a bed in a quarry. Wiping drawings off the bed. 

#10 – Daughter standing alone holding the goat in the factory. – Papers around her feet. 

#11 – Medium shot of father thinking at his desk. 

#12 – Father see’s papers and picks one up from the water 

#13 – Shot of father reading note 

#14 – Mother taking off her dressing gown

#15 – Mother taking off her slippers 

#16 – Girl running in the factory

#17 – Father pushes over the table into the water

#18 – Mother curled up in the fetal position awake on top of the bed in her nightie. 

#19 – Mother see’s note on ground by bed, leans over and picks it up.  She reads it. 

#20 – Mother asleep note read beside her or she falls asleep holding it. 

#21 – Goat on its own

#22 – Father walking out of the water, or running out of the water

#23 – Mother waking up 

#24 – Dinner table scene – mother and father put down iphones, everyone stretches out arms and hold hands. 

#25 – Bed scene empty

#26 – Office floating in water. 

IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3110 IMG_3111





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