There are two theory roads I’m thinking of going down.

1 – Dreams and dreaming – Why we dream & their meanings

2 – Symbolism

I will research some of these theorist concepts…


Friedrich Nietzsche this link has some interesting information.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe – Mapping emotion to color

Ted Talk Video – Deirdre Barrett – Dreams and Creative Problem Solving

‘Erik Craig (1992) puts it, “While dreaming we entertain a wider range of human possibilities than when awake; the ‘open house’ of dreaming is less guarded.” Elizabeth Campbell (1987) says, “Anything can happen in a dream. There are no boundaries.” Many have simply called dreaming “hyperconnective.” Of course, “broadly” is not necessarily a self evident term; as we shall see below, dreaming makes connections “broadly” in many senses but may also avoid certain regions of our minds.’ Retrieved 7/8/14




Pavlides and Winson: Dreams as Information Processing also known as OFF-LINE THEORY

Retrieved 7/8/14 from http:/

Symbolist –


Avia Venefica

The Unconscious:

‘The modern concept of the unconscious arose in the 17th and 18th centuries, though of course people had noticed earlier that not all action is motivated by conscious thought. Montaigne, for example, wrote in 1590 that

We do not command our hair to stand on end and our skin to quiver with desire or with fear; the hand often goes where we do not send it; the tongue becomes tied and the voice choked at their own time; the appetite for food and drink, even when, having nothing to cook, we would gladly forbid it, does not fail to stir up those parts that are subject to it, neither more nor less than this other appetite, and it abandons us as unseasonably, whenever it pleases.’

Retrieved 8/8/14 from:




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