Meeting with Doug Brooks

This morning I meet with Drama Teacher and film maker Doug Brooks. I talked to him about my project and showed him my original idea which I was not sure I was going to go with anymore, as it could be too involved and hard to link with theorists. I said that instead I was going to just choose 1-3 locations and only shoot with my daughter Eliana. He asked me what I thought about that… to which really brought home that I wasn’t that happy, I really do feel attached to the original idea. He said he thought it was a beautiful idea and it would be a shame not to do it just because I’m having trouble linking it to theorists, he said surely there are enough dream theorists out there to link it to? Well that has flipped it back around again… as I do want to go with that idea. Doug said he can help me find actors/models for the man at the office in the sea and the women making the bed in the quarry (I think a bed in the forest is too cliche, the juxtaposition of dirty mud, rubble against soft blankets and sheets is very contemporary, Doug agreed.) He also suggested I drop the older people and just have 3 scenes much easier to do rather than 4. He said the man, women and child scenes flow more dream like than the older people scene. He made the suggestion of a smoke machine which Will and I had talked about before, I really like this. The colour tones of a grey quarry, grey beach scene (far out at the spit so it looks more just water) and the grey of the industrial scene will all blend in well together.

I was advised to give myself plenty of time for shooting, 3days per shoot suggested at early morning or late afternoon.

There is a possibility of Doug lending me a trolley too for moving shots.

Both Will and Doug suggested I join two facebook groups for local filmakers:

Top of the South Filmmakers and Falvation Films

I will email Doug my character requirements and he said he will see if he can help find the right people to help me.

Next on the list of jobs is to do much more research on dream theorists and try and get some concept for the project linked with theories.

Research symbolism to find out meanings for things so I can analyse what to include in my piece and how it could be interpreted.





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Hi there, Im a 33 year old mum of two, a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I am studying for the BA in Arts & Media part time, I have just finished L6 Studio this semester 2, 2014. My passion is photography, here is a link to my facebook photography page for those of you that are interested
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