Monday 4th August. How far have I come…?

I spent the last week tearing my hair out trying to come up with two more dream theme ideas. I kept with the child in the industrial building drawing or playing. The last idea I thought of was two elderly people about to have a date.. getting dressed meeting then feeding each other cream buns. 

IMG_3063 IMG_3062

So I had my four dream scenes:


I started experimenting with story boards for each of the dream scenes..

IMG_3060  IMG_3061



I then thought about props, models, costumes I would need..



But I had hit a brick wall. I had these four dream themes I knew I wanted to create a video,  …I thought I could use it as a showcase of my creativity and skills in photography/cinematography.  Yes this is good, it would be considered a design brief project… but what is the theory behind it who are the theorists I’m being influenced by? I thought about this question until late last night until my eyes burnt. I just have no narrative, no statement no question to pose… hmm I felt frustrated.

I met with Will on Monday to talk about my project and he suggested that the four ideas are too much, that it would possibly take a year to create a video with all of these models and scenes. He suggested I just use my daughter Eliana as the protagonist, as she is readily available take 1-3 scenes make the project more do-able. Focus in on the fewer scenes really think about the detail. 

I liked this idea and felt a bit of relief although I do like to think big. 

I still had the problem of a narrative Will and I talked about ideas with Will doing this sketch..


Perhaps I created a little girls nightmare..

Will showed me this video clip by M83 called Midnight City:

M83 Midnight City

This clip shows off Hitchcock style  techniques low, high, and skewed camera angles to gain suspense and intrigue.   



About jessshirley1981

Hi there, Im a 33 year old mum of two, a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I am studying for the BA in Arts & Media part time, I have just finished L6 Studio this semester 2, 2014. My passion is photography, here is a link to my facebook photography page for those of you that are interested
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