Researching influential artists

Aurora Robson


Retrieved 12/5/14

This is stunning. It would fit in well with my idea of cells being a habitat. It is a sculpture, a very crafty project.

There are some more works under the title of ‘beautiful decay’ giant slugs the link is here 

These dont so much interest me. A bit dull to me and not beautiful.

Plastic Bag Light Garden:


Retrieved 12/5/14 from

I like instillation, it is very pretty and it would be fairly easy to do.. but I feel it would not be original created this one, I would have to go further and bring something else to it.

Sayaka Ganz

Retrieved 12/5/14 from

This is a stunning work of art, very beautiful. But not something I want to do, I think I want my work to me more of a moving or still image that is projected.

Here is a image of a giant fish sculpture made of plastic bottles in Rio De Janeiro


Retrieved 12/5/14 from

Again very beautiful and amazing, would have taken a very long time to create… much longer than I want to spend. I dont so much want to make a ‘Thing’ as such.

I saw this image in the power point presentation I enjoy it,


Retrieved from 12/5/14

What draws me to this is that its a clear projected image of bright happy sunflowers in a dark gloomy tunnel.

I want my work to be a • Projection (projecting light/ images on to G-Block) I would like to make it interactive, something that the viewer will have fun with and enjoy.

When speaking to the group today one of our tutors Klaus said that his favorite light exhibits were the interactive ones. I want mine to be memorable, something that people go away and talk about, and most importantly remember.

Some inspiration I have found whilst watching the video from last years Light Nelson event..

Creating shadow puppets..children love doing this


Shadow Play retrieved 12/5/14 from


Childrens Drawings retrieved 12/5/14 from


Projection on Water Retrieved 12/5/14 from

Water projections  are so calm and beautiful. Even though I am not using a space near the Queens Gardens water I could use a paddling pool or another source for water.





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