Studio Critique Tues 8th April

On Tuesday we had our studio critiques, something as an artist is so valuable. I was very excited to see how people interpreted my images. This was the first time I had ever had a group of people talk about my work in front of me and I was a little nervous. 

I will write below a list of what the viewers wrote when critiquing my work:

  • Wearing carcass
  • 3d frames
  • Bone & Blood
  • Pure white background
  • Small
  • Scale, too small? could be bigger?
  • Tiled
  • Not looking at camera
  • Half naked girl
  • Centered shots, long medium and closer up
  • All colour tones are organic
  • Your are what you eat
  • Women are pieces of meat
  • Subject has been used
  • Must have smelt
  • Flesh
  • Disturbing
  • Nude, raw & exposed
  • Small scale – have to look closely
  • No surroundings
  • Clinical hospital looking
  • Contrast between soft flesh and rough meat
  • Something to do with life and death we are all just carcasses
  • Subject not looking at the camera, makes viewer feel like they are intruding
  • The colours strongly compliment each other visually
  • Exposing yourself
  • Women are seen as pieces of meat
  • Dull colours with same tonal scale
  • The use of the meat and the figure creates a contrast between life and death
  • The figure and the meat is very dominating within the image
  • Think that the images could be a bit larger to catch more attention
  • Possibly means something about life and death, that we are just made of meat and bones

These are all the notes I got from the individual critique forms from the people in my group about my work. 

Now here are the notes that I took from listening to what people said about my work:

  • There is a light glow coming out of the back of each square photo block, it is a little light like LED. Makes the work look like light boxes. Very cool.
  • Contemporary – esp with the LED lights looks like technology has been used even though it has not. 
  • The model is never acknowledging the camera, or she is doing it on her own with out a camera
  • The model wants to bring something to the viewer
  • We are meat, we eat meat
  • Wearing meat, clothes that don’t fit, or ill fitting on the body. 
  • The ribs against ribs, likened to large hands or a corset
  • The images would be easier to avoid if they were larger scale, with this size the viewer is required to come in close and focus to see what the work is about. If they were larger the viewer could take a quick glance, see what it is and walk past. 
  • Feminism and Objectification 
  • Vulnerability, being small
  • The images are safer small

I’m really very happy with how the critique went. I feel that on the whole all the viewers read what I was intending them to read, some more so than others and spot on with my original theme, being the dead against living. I am extremely happy with these comments about the significance of the images being of small size “Vulnerability,safer and the images would be easier to avoid if they were larger scale, with this size the viewer is required to come in close and focus to see what the work is about. If they were larger the viewer could take a quick glance, see what it is and walk past” I’m so pleased that the viewers interpreted the work scale in this way. There was some that made comments about the works being larger, that doest concern me at all because of the fact that there were other viewers who got the scale reasoning. 

The fact that the images light up and people noticed is awesome, it is a total unexpected bonus that adds that something extra and considering I wanted to go for the images on slides or possibly a projection this magical light coming off the white blocks is a gift to the work that makes it special. 

Another critique point I really love is that people saw it as clinical which was also something I intended. Im so pleased!

My only question for the group was about a title, as I hadn’t put one on it. Reason being as I want the viewers not to be constrained by a title I want them to be able to be able to freely read what they will un-tainted by words and a title. I like that different people view the image either by the obvious (women being a piece of meat) or not so obvious life and death, past and present. If I was to give the image a title it would perhaps stop the viewer from thinking deeper and more broadly. After the critique my thoughts about a title have been confirmed some people do get my work without needing to be prompted – the others that only see the obvious that is fine too as I think it is a great piece for objectification too. 

Im very very happy following my critique, nothing needs to be changed. Everything went how I intended and was viewed well, with bonus extras. I really couldn’t be happier!



About jessshirley1981

Hi there, Im a 33 year old mum of two, a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I am studying for the BA in Arts & Media part time, I have just finished L6 Studio this semester 2, 2014. My passion is photography, here is a link to my facebook photography page for those of you that are interested
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