Clothes/ Nude

So I need to think about the wardrobe or lack of it.

Most of the inspirational images with meat, have a ‘dressed in meat’ theme. I don’t want my image to be that, I don’t want it to be like Lady Gagas meat dress. This is not about simply wearing meat. It is about what we carry with us, the meat symbolizing the past and what is dead. 

I could have the meat on top of my own clothes, which would take on more of that idea of ‘what we carry with us’.

I could have the meat against my bare skin, which would be more intimate. If I was to have it against my bare skin would I wear underwear or not? 

I would like these images not to be full on nudity as I want them to be able to be shown, eg on facebook and other sites. They could imply nudity with out actually showing private parts. 




About jessshirley1981

Hi there, Im a 33 year old mum of two, a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. I am studying for the BA in Arts & Media part time, I have just finished L6 Studio this semester 2, 2014. My passion is photography, here is a link to my facebook photography page for those of you that are interested
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