Wednesday Power Point presentations, and last minute changes.

Wednesday Power Point presentations, and last minute changes.

Todays the day we present our power point.

As a group we decided to make some last minute changes.

The colour.. to white as we liked the white having associations with purity, doves, peace etc.. it also stands out more against the back ground and is more happy and upbeat than the dark black which is more of a mournful colour with connations to death.

Then 15mins before the presentation another change to offer the client two choices the pink and blue and the white… I didnt have anything to do with this change accept saying ‘ok’

I think the white is the best choice. I like what the colour stands for with no classic gender specific roles.

We presented our proposal to the group, with a really great response. Everyone seemed to like our design, thinking it could really be something that could actually go through to completion. Except for one CC that we werent ‘client specific enough’ which I do agree with. Looking back I think we certainly couldve thought about it more, we did think about it and looked at a light projection.. for some reason, and none of us are quite sure why we dropped that.

Really a light projection would be prefect as we could project the mural where ever we wanted without having to get permission.

Esp not from a massive company like Starbucks.


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