Site exploration

Our first group meeting was held pacing the streets of Nelson’s CDB here are some of the sites we found on our walk..


The first stop was the Church Steps, we talked about having an image of Jesus and God kissing as gay marriage promotion… extremely controversial on the side of a cathedral and never legally permitted.


This is Bishops School next to Marsden House Funeral home. I like the visibility of this site and the striking maroon wall.


I like the tacky pink of this site.. right in the center of town.


I spotted this site, it is very central, high traffic flow. Unlike most the sites we have found and liked, it is very manageable, being eye level and flat.. its a great location. Only problem is it is on a franchised wall, a big cooperation with whom we would have no chance at gaining permission to create a mural with, unless it was promoting their brand in a flattering light.


Other members of the group saw this site and loved the shapes and colour. I personally couldn’t visualize anything here. I feel its bit-see.



I had this idea of wrapping, which has been done before but more so ‘condoming’ putting a condom on the church bell tower… and condoms on the parking meters in town.. condoms on this phallic looking concrete post. But its not really a mural.

IMG_4095Here is a lovely blank canvas.

and my personal favorite here… the mens shelter.

IMG_4081 Unfortunately other members of the group didnt share my enthusiasm for this site. I felt it is a great flat white canvas, it would look nice brightened up. It could possibly get the go-ahead as it is privately owned by the Anglican church. Think of all the possibilities for a mural around the homeless. The other members concerns were working along side the homeless to create the mural, safety issues. I feel as a group of 5, 2 of which are males we wouldve been fine. But I want to go with an idea that all group members are enthused about.

So far as a group we like the Starbucks location the best… we like if for its high traffic flow, great blank canvas.. and do-able-size. We thought if we were to do a light projection we wouldnt have to worry about getting corporate permission.

I spoke to Klaus about doing a controversial mural.. he has given us free reign, mentioning the fact though that a controversial mural is less likely to actually come to fruition. As a group we decided that we want to take advantage of having free-reign.



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