Sexuality another idea brainstorming

ImageAn image like this would certainly catch eyes, so normal to see if of a man and a women.. people wouldnt bat too much of an eyelid.. except maybe the prudes. But this now this is shocking.. even though in my opinion it shouldn’t be.

Retrived 24/02/14


Retrieved 24/02/14


I like this, its simple, not too controversial and effect it would be easy to do too.

You could have a message under it.

Retrieved 24/02/14


You could have a series of these kind of images or even a collage of them with a message or not.

Retrieved 24/2/14


Now this is just funny! is that a man or a women in the front! haha

retrieved 24/02/14

There is not so much out there on gay women, gay men seem to be more taboo, obviously due to mens influence over women, and their sexuality … the gaze etc..


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